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August 17, 2006


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Dragan....Currently, foreign travelers are required to have permits in order to travel to the Kekexili Nature Preserve. I am not 100% certain, but I have been told by the Yushu Tourism Bureau that these permits cost around 3000RMB per person. This does not include the cost of a driver, vehicle and guide for the region.

Amnye Machen, 4 Sisters Mountain and Aba are not anywhere near the Kekexili Nature Preserve, which is an uninhabited region located in southwest Qinghai and far northern Tibet Autonomous Region. From Aba to Kekexili is more than 2000kms.


Dear Losang,

Is it possible to travel independently and hike in Kekexili? I had a plan to spend the second half of September in a horse track around Amnye Machen, then to travel via Aba to Rilongzhen and climb the smallest peak of the Four Sisters mountain, but I have read at your wonderful site that Aba is closed to foreigners, so I must change my plan. Actually all I want is to hike and travel on a horse, and to break my modest altitude record by climbing something above 5000m, so Kekexili seems perfect. Or do you have some better suggestion (for which I do not need a permit or a fortune)?

Matt Tyson

I agree with you about this area - even though I haven't been there. The shakti coming of this picture is intense... Like a lot of Tibet, where the starkness of the scene just amplifies the intense spiritual shine.

Thanks for this site.

Mary Carlson

Hi thank you for the wonderful site! We are coming to Tibet for our Winter holiday. Have a couple of questions for you.
1/ How much time would you suggest to spend in Tibet - we were thinking of staying only about 6 days - whats your thoughts on that?
2/Is it possible for us to just travel and see Mt Everest on a day trip or overnight from Lhasa?

Dean Canon

Hello, just quickly; I am working for Discovery Channel and we will be filming in Tibet and Yunnan December and January 2007. You're site is very informative. Any chance we can have a chat and I can pick your brain of a few questions? My email address is above.
Many Thanks
Dean Cannon

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