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September 11, 2006


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Michael Polnicky

When is the human race is going going to undo there wrongs...will it ever happen sadly not in my lifetime. China had no business invading Tibet destroying a pearl of peace and wisdom...yes they tried but wisdom and peace of heart is undestructable but they haven't learned the lesson...yet.
From Canada


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No problem. As long as you do not use the photos for profit, you have my permission to use them. I pass through Korea a few times a year so perhaps we can meet up one day.



Hi. I am Korean bloger.
I am writing story of my travelling to Tibet on my blog. It was 1999 and unfortunately I don't have any photos since my external hard driver was gone. Could I use your photo of sleeper bus? My email address is '[email protected]' my blog is 'http://blog.daum.net/globalcitysurvival/?t__nil_login=myblog' But it's written in Korean so you may not understand. If you don't mind, please let me konw.
Kind regards.



This is a great site, the best I've discovered, yet, about Tibet. I've been living in China for more than three years now. I went to Lhasa from Xining three years ago this summer- not a pleasant experience. I felt I was being trampolined, or tossed, from the bed. The drivers demanded 14OO RMB despite the Youzheng Gongyu
Binguan getting a deal for 1000. I'd like to go again this summer and do the Mt Kailash and Lake Manasarovar treks. Any useful info regarding getting to Ngari from Lhasa would be appreciated. Thanks

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