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October 13, 2006


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Adventures In Tibet

Great photos!

קרקע חקלאית

Nice Yak. I love all these. I never see before such beautiful Yaks. Thank you for this fascinating post!

victor e, debono

i also hope tibet will be free again and the Lai Lama will be back again. i'm writing a book about Tibet and china, i need more information about animal life in Tibet. victor e. debono

Kayla carroll

Yaks are really cool I'm learning about them in school

abdul bari jan baltistani

i m4m little tibet or balti yul or baltistan .i m proud to b tibet n i luv yaks i hv sen last year now i m in islamabad n ll going to balti yul after 2 month........

gami  kuma

I am son of a nomadic family in exile India.
I did not see yak for pitty long time. but today i got the sight of the of YAK. and it remind me my lost country, it remind me my grand father's time in free tibet. it remind me how my generation is unfortunate to see red chinese behind the tibet's yak.
what ever animals you see in Tibet won't be there in one decade cos, china in eating it away. exile tibet.


i like cheese

Paulina S.

have you ever been to the butter lantern festival?


I once had a black yak hide with hair. Can't find it now and would like to get another if possible for an art project. Any ideas?


I'm doing a report on Tibet. I Googled yaks and found this article. I think you should put more info thats what i need


these are great photoes, but i'm looking for orangainal stock photoes (the ones that live up high)any information would be nice thank u

Michael N

Tibetans have a long history of using yaks. Experts believe that yaks were first domesticated in Tibet at least 3000 years ago.


Thanks, I'm doing a report on Tibet. I Googled yaks and found this article. I think I might use this website more.

Susie R

What are the chances that Tibet will again be FREE?
Tibetans are denied the internationally recognized right to determine the use of their own land and resources.”

The developments in the few years have raised huge concerns amongst Tibetans and Tibet support groups throughout the world. With a lot of junior mining companies engaging in mining operations in Tibet, it poses threat to the highly fragile ecosystem of Tibet, destroying vast regions of grazing land for animals, and polluting water sources.


helpful, very helpful


What about the other animals?

chong yu

Hi i an from sagarmatha and ride my yak. i am a porter and i bring supplies up the mountain for the climbers. this website is very informative and makes me glad people care about our culture.


Your site is beautiful & very useful also.* I've never ever been in Tibet & questionable if i could. But my favorit animal - long time ago -is the tibetan yak. & I dont know why. First i saw in the Zoo in Budapest. A fantastic animal. Have dignity.




..............it didn't help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what I have said was truely inappropiate.. I am truely sorry if I have offended anyone.. but someone took my email address and must of made harsh comments with it.. I am truely sorry


yaks are great.. they are big in my online game I have to kill them all day long

Carl Sandborn

Long Live HH.


i want to go to evrest


Ro...thanks for stopping by. Yes, yaks are pretty cool animals. They are so important to the Tibetan people.

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