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October 13, 2006


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I grew up with yaks and I must say they are a beautiful and majestic animal.

MC Yak Hammer

I love riding my yak to school. its super fun and very efficient on gas. everyone should have a yak. i sleep with my yak and we play kickball togethor.


yaks are enjoying their life on the land of supperlative. yaks are my pet, love, yaks, dei, and i hope one day i can see them.


So nice to have by chance found your website about Tibet. I just came back from Langmusi, Zoige. The entire grasslands were beautifully dotted with hundreds of thousands of black yaks. I have heard that the white-fur yak are so precious and regarded as the holy yak by Tibetan people. unfortunately I've not seen any so far. Have you ?

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