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February 19, 2007


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oow, Tibet hotel? this is my first time saw this.


This is so touching! I was in Tibet for a month last year and I was invited to Tibetan's home. I truly understand how you feel about their hospitality and how they are different from many of us who live in cities. I remember in "Eight years in Tibet" book written by Peter Aufschnaiter, he was very well received by Tibetans.


Hey - great blog. I'm considering a trip to Tibet this fall, and you are providing great information & insights.

I was in Mongolia last year, and I discovered the same hospitality that you refer to in your post. Showing up uninvited to locals' houses, you are always welcomed in. If there isn't tea already made, the family would make us tea. It was an incredibly warm, uplifting experience, as compared with daily life back home in the US.

Thanks for sharing - these things are invaluable to those of us trying to find information.


Thank YOU for sharing that with a blog visitor from Ireland... good blog read here, good photos too...

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