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October 22, 2007


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Brianna Lindsay

I have not been there to Tibet yet. There are many good reviews about the place from my friends who have been there for so many months.


It is not tropical temperatures in any way that should not be cold enough to discourage you from going to Lhasa.


Sander and Ben,

The pond in front of the Potala Palace has been a large square now for 2 decades. However, this small pond isn't and never has been a main tourist attraction in Tibet. If you are traveling all the way to Tibet to visit that small pond, then you are going to be disappointed! Most people go to Tibet to see the amazing culture and the highest mountains in the world...not to see that small pond.

Sander & Ben

But isn't the lake in front of it now completely remodelled into a boring square Chinese style?


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Marta M

Lhasa features a cold steppe climate. Due to its very high altitude, Lhasa has a cool, dry climate with frosty winters. It enjoys 3,000 hours of sunlight annually and is sometimes called the "sunlit city" by Tibetans.


Yay right now I wanna visit it!!! Very cute place all over the world!


This a really good time to visit!!!

Healthy Life

Nice Pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Elderly Man

I went to Lhasa in winter and the weather is perfect and the place is so beautiful.

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I have never been on Tibet but I wanna go some day with my brother.

Old Couple

Wow, nice place!!

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