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February 01, 2008


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filipino friend

wow great photos! thanks for the info. Im planning to travel to Tibet with a filipino friend soon.

Roger Jones

Beautiful blog. I'm getting a lot of information for my trip to Tibet next month (July). Due to the cost, I'm taking a fast 6-day trip from Lhasa to the Nepal border. I hope to return to Tibet if and when the travel restrictions have been lifted; I live in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Asia Traveler

My wife and I are heading along this route in late June or early July so we will have updated pricing and travel information before you head out so we can post the info if nobody else does before then.

My wife speaks Mandarin and Tibetan since she grew up in Xining. So I am confidant it will be very accurate. As mentioned in the thread China requires a special travel document to go into Tibet in addition to your Chinese Visa if you are required to have one(Don't know what country you are from). I know you can obtain this travel document in Xining and I will include the details of exactly where we obtained this paperwork once I have been through the process myself. You have to have this to purchase tickets to Lhasa so must be easy. (I am sure one of her travel agent friends will take care of it.) My wife has not been back to Xining since 2007 so all new to her.

But we will be there in China next week and heading up towards Xining. Held up in Thailand while Bangkok cooled down. We head to Laos on the 25th by train then bus overland to Kunming, China.

The excellent and ontime China rRailroad all the way to Xining after that so be there soon. Seems like no hurry for you since you have until Sept to get the info.

Hope this helps.


Im intending to travel to tibet with a friend in Sep 10. We would like to travel from Lhasa to Kathmandu, and the itinerary you given here sounds execellent. Would you be able to recommend any 4WD rental and guide and roughly how much it will cost to hire the car and guide for such a trip?

Ute M

Great photos. Thanks for the info.


Hi, is it possible to do this trip in reverse?? may sound like a silly question but i cant find any info!! :(


Hello Losang,

I tried to email you twice but it seems like my emails are not getting through.

I'm going to Nepal on 1st Sep and thought of going to Tibet around the last week of Sep (for around a week), ideally fly to Lhasa and come back overland (altitide problems). Is it possible/wise around 27th Sep?

Is it really true that a group Chinese visa can be obtained only from a travel agency in Kathmandu? I'd love to do it with as much involvement of Tibetan people as possible and was looking to find an agency IN Tibet which will organize permits for me and also offer join-in group as I'm going on my own. Is it wishful thinking? Can I plan such trip in advance or it's impossible as there may or may not be a consolidated group formed in KTM?

To be honest, I was browsing the net quite a lot now and haven't seen a single website without some Chinese influence. It may be a difficult compromise, especially if I need to find a group that I can join.

I also found a post on your website that to travel in a group, all members have to have the same passport? Is it true? I live and work in the UK but have Polish passport.

Is it true that the temperatures in Lhasa at the end of September can reach 25 degrees? How about if I'd like to come back from Lhasa overland to KTM? Would I need to prepare myself for cold weather?

I look forward to hearing from you,


Leigh...This trip is available to do 365 days a year. There are no problems at the Tibet-Nepal border.



Hi I am wondering if this trip is still available to do this year or will there be problems with border crossing? Thankyou for your help!

Super Info Thailand

Thanks For the Information.
It would be the biggest adventure if i do the this trip. I wonder how much it will be cost to manage trip from Lasha to Kathmandu.

Thanks in advance

Singing Bowl

I love your photos. I can't wait to go back.

Tibetan Jewelry

I went through India to go. I would be more than happy to try this route next time. I think it would not be that painful like going through India.

Henry Zhang


This whole route, including the Nepal border, is open.


Jeroen, no official date has been set for the Nepal/Tibet border to reopen, but we have been told by reliable sources that it should open within the next 4 weeks.

Jeroen Jacobs

Is there any information on when the border to Nepal might reopen again?


Thanks Shanna. I hope you are able to visit Tibet in the future.


You are living my dream - and something I fear I may never be able to do. Through this blog, your photos, & wonderful descriptions, however, I can - in some way - experience these lands and people as I have always dreamed of doing. Thank you for being a little bit of Tibet into my heart and home.


Hi! I´m thinking about going to Tibet this Year. Up to which month can I take the Friendship-Highway, an how much will it it cost for 2 people, can I do the trip indipendently? Could I also start in Nepal an do the trip the other way around? Please sent me as much information as you can, would be very helpful for orientation.


Oops, it is called Alien Travel Permit :p


Can you send me the itinerary for this trip?
I want to travel from Xining to Kathmandu, how much does it cost for one person?
Do you also arrange the permit needed to travel outside Lhasa? (I think it is called PSB permit)

Thank you.

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