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February 28, 2008


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It may be a fascinating cultural trait or philosophy but we don't need to give it more reverence than what it is either:

Being fed to pigs is no more sacred, perhaps just dumping the body in the garbage can be ceremonious if we make enough obeisance.

No pictures of the dumpster, please.


Thanks so much for sharing all this precious information, like yourself I have a passion for Tibet and Tibetan culture that started as a young child (many years ago!!)when my mother was reading 7 years in Tibet.After years of collecting any books or information I travelled there for the fist time 6 years ago, I have since been back each year and now have some very dear Tibetan friends. Last summer I travelled on my own from Xining to Lhasa my Tibetan agency could only get me a hard seat although I'd paid for a couchette in France but even if I did it the hard way I was very popular on the train when the Tibetans realised that I could speak and write a bit of their language ( I only know some Lhasa dialect). I only discovered this blog once I got back to France.
I haven't got a trip planned for the moment I'm forcing myself to change horizons and in a couple of weeks am off to Cuba but I know that I'll have to get back to Tibet again soon to see all those fantastic little old ladies and their prayer wheels going round the Barkhor although I'm not bouhdist I have a very great respect for these people.
Keep up the good work!

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