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February 04, 2008


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I met a grandmother and her family descending the Potalla steps this summer. She was dressed traditionally, and I think her weight probably matched her age, about 93. She let me know through interesting sign language that the younger lady with her was her daughter and that the two young girls were her grand daughters. While I held her arm down the steps, which she knew well from many pilgrimmages, she was actually the steadier of the two of us. One last note: she had a swastika tattoo on her left hand, signifying good health and good luck. Not, of course, the usual distorted meaning.


Thanks for some great information! It helped me with my school project :)

David Lee

Thank you for an enriching experience on the life of these people. Photos are very beautiful and artistically taken.


These are beautiful photos and such interesting information with them. Thank you *so* much for sharing all of this information.


Dear friend,
excuse me off topic pls, I'm very interested in the theme I described here:
that seems to me very amazing.
The problem is I did not find any information about it.
That is why I alow me to disturb you with the question: maybe you know something about it?
Thank you very much for your time

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