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March 02, 2008


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Prof. Muse

Great Information showing why China wont live Tibet due to its only water source. I hope water agreement and mineral deal with the Middle kingdom will give Tibet a sort of autonomous freedom from China.
I think this is the wish of His Holiness while alive ...


I like your website. I was thinking how about Indus river/Senge Tsangpo? Which originates from Ngari (Western Tibet) and flows through Ladakh, India and eventually reaches Pakistan.


How about river Indus? It flows from Ngari (Western Tibet) near Mt. Kailash and passes through Ladakh, India and eventually into Pakistan.



Chokyi Nima

if china has their way this rivers will soon be dammed at the environmental cost of the local ethnic Tibetans and the benifit of the Han chinese

David Deland

This place is a paradise! And did you say you can do some water rafting here? COOL! I think you can also do some camping and hiking here. Hhhmmm.. I think I'll visit this place soon!


That's the real beauty of god's creation. Thanks for sharing your blog. I like it. Thumbs up for your blog.

rafting tours

By just looking at those cool river pictures I'm already getting excited to try some for myself with this exciting water rafting adventure very soon. I wish I would have a great experience and share it to you! Thanks for inspiring me!

Vineeta Yashswi

what a blog...

simply beautiful

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The river you are thinking of is the Yellow River.

courtney sandefur

thanks i am just trying to find a river that goes down tibit into lanzhou so thanks a lot.

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