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June 26, 2008


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Singing Bowls

Great article! Love the pics.

Singing Bowl

Great article. Thanks for the info.


excellent info with quite beautiful pics...tibet is really blessed with natural beauty by god..


Tashi delek!
Could you please tell me whether they might be difficulties involved in coming to Tibet with a Tibetan U.S. citizen and two Caucasian U.S. citizens? Is travel outside of a government sanctioned tour group a possible for a small independent group?
Thuk je che,
Grayrider in Oregon, USA



I emailed and posted here already -- sorry to bother you!

I'm wondering if I can get a permit to Tibet quickly. I'm in India now and want to take the train from Lhasa to Guanzhou. My plan is now to fly from Delhi to Chengdu and then from Chengdu to Lhasa. Can I get a permit at some point in the next couple of days? I only intend to stay in Lhasa for a day or two and then take the train to Guanzhou.


Japhy...Currently, all of your travel plans for the Tibet Autonomous Region need to be made BEFORE you arrive in Lhasa. So if you want to travel outside of Lhasa, you will need to arrange that once you make your initial plans to go to Lhasa.


Is it possible to obtain permit with Lhasa guide for two or three days and then make arrangements for further travel with tour company in Lhasa?

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Yes I just got back from there.


Jenny...send a request to info@tibetanconnections.com and a reply will be given to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


how much are we looking at for a trip to the north base camp of Everest? also what about your nomad camping tours in tibet?


Sanjee...We can try and send all your paperwork into the Tibet Tourism Bureau and see if they will issue you a permit as a solo traveler. It may work, it may not.


I suppose no one has heard of an update to the rules (having to be in a group of the same nationality). I'm from Sri Lanka. What are the chances of finding another traveling to Lhasa on the same dates! :(
Also the tour group part - I was planning on taking the train in and then most likely picking up a air ticket to Katmandu and back - I suppose all that should be pre-arranged now.
p.s. thank for the great info on the site


**That is such a bummer that you have to arrange a complete tour. Takes the 't' out of 'travel'.
I guess I'll wait a while before visiting Tibet. Sod China! **

why dont you sod yourself mate ?

Tibetan Handicrafts

Finnaly. Even with all the restriction finally we can come and visit. It took a long time but now I am able to stock up on Tibetan Handicrafts, which are among the most skilled works available.


This is great news!!!
Tibet is open again!


That is such a bummer that you have to arrange a complete tour. Takes the 't' out of 'travel'.
I guess I'll wait a while before visiting Tibet. Sod China!


That is such a bummer that you have to arrange a complete tour. Takes the 't' out of 'travel'.
I guess I'll wait a while before visiting Tibet. Sod China!


Many thanks for the latest info on the travel situation in Tibet. Well I see things are back to square 1 again! Shame about everyone in a group having to have the same nationality, I'll have to find someone with a British passport to travel with me as all my friends have French passports!!!
Keep up the good work

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