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October 01, 2008


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jessica simpson

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The new website is excellent! Some of the best pictures on the web concerning Tibet.


Dava, thanks for leaving your thoughts. I don't know how much you know about the handicrafts that are produced by the companies that I linked to on Land of Snows, but it does not appear that you know much about them. Tibetans have been weaving rugs for many centuries. If you enter a Tibetan home, you are almost certain to find at least one, and usually many, rugs inside. It is a well known part of their culture. The carpets produced by True Tibetan are truly some of the best carpets made on the planet. The wool is from Tibet. The carpets are made in Tibet. The people that weave the carpets are from the people of the Tibetan Plateau. There are few "Tibetan" carpet companies that can claim these 3 things. While some (not all) of the designs are made to cater to a western market, the technique used to make them are not. Most "Tibetan" rugs are not even made in Tibet. They are made in India, Nepal or east coast China. True Tibetan rugs are the truest Tibetan rug you can get. On top of that, True Tibetan creates jobs in Tibet employing the people who know how to best make a Tibetan rug...the Tibetan people themselves. As for the products made by the other handicraft companies that I listed, many of the things they produce are indeed used by Tibetans in everyday life. The yak wool slings, pouches and bags made by these companies are used by Tibetans throughout the Plateau. And, most importantly, these companies are NOT out to exploit the Tibetan people, but to create jobs for them using the skills that the Tibetan people possess. The Tibetan people involved in making these products are paid a good wage, are respected and are treated well. I listed these companies because I believe they are truly making a difference in Tibet.


Nickie, Good to hear from you. Thanks for posting a link to Land of Snows on your new site!


I doubt your wisdom in linking to those "Tibetan" handicrafts sites on your new webpage. I don't doubt that your interest (like the craft promoters') may well be to alleviate rural poverty, etc. That's a great idea. I'm for it. But these sites are producing items that are only 'Tibetan' in the most remote sense, products consciously aimed at the foreigner's taste or playing to their expectations. "True Tibetan" carpets site has carpets that are truly to modern western tastes. Perhaps the technique used to make them is in some sense Tibetan? I'm just thinking out loud here.


Thanks for sharing all your fantastic photos, knowledge on Tibetan culture and giving up to date information on the travel situation in Tibet. I'll add the thread for your new site on my blog.
Tashi delek

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