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October 06, 2008


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holy land

Great photos ! The place is looking to be great one. I am sure you had a great time there. I can't control myself more. Going for booking of ticket now only..Hopefully, I will be there next week. :-)

Madbar / W

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Rook...you are very welcome!


thanks for your update,Losang.


All Tibetan areas of Gansu province, including Xiahe and Labrang Monastery, are now open to foreign tourists.


Anna...yes this is very true. It is possible that Labrang opened up this week, but highly unlikely. No date has been set for this area to reopen, but supposedly it will be soon.


IS this true??
I am in Rebkong right now and I want to know If I can go to xiahe


thanks a lot,Losang.


Rook...The Amdo areas of Labrang and Langmusi are still closed, but will hopefully reopen very soon.

The Kham areas in western Sichuan are all open.

Travel rules in Tibet can change at any time so areas that are open could close again and areas that are closed could open again soon.


Hello Losang.
watching and reading this web,also at thorntree forum.

my whole plan will start at Chengdu to Kangding-Ganze-Dege-Manigango-Jyekundo-Xining and then to Repkong-Xiahe-Langmusi-Jiuzhaigou-Chengdu.

but I've got info that Xiahe and Langmusi are forbidden for foreigners now.is it true?
and how about situation in Sichuan area?


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