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October 09, 2008


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מתנות ליום הולדת

In Tibet, you should at least try to tsampa and butter tea. If you are able to test other Tibetan food, which is great, but you should try tsampa and butter tea.

holy land

hmm..It too yummy. I love Tibetan food. I still remembered the day when I tried Tibetan food first time. I was very much scared at that time as I hadn't taken non veg before . My friend convinced me for eating it and I had took it. It was too delicious and I still felt its taste in my tongue.


Do you know of any drink found in tibet that is thick yellow and lemony flavored, possibly a frementd milk. I had this drink at Chokorgyal. It was served in a bowl and was wonderful. This was not obviously yogurt,or kefir.
It was a lovely creay consistency and very yellow in color. Any ideas?


addd geography


First time round butter tea is rather strange, it takes a bit of getting used to but now I actually like it, I just think of it as soup!The best I tasted was in Shigatse in a small Tibetan restaurant run by a friends mother it's a place well known by the drivers and guides, she makes somme pretty good momos too. A few times I've brought back the packets of dried butter tea, I should take a photo each time I get friends to try it, I haven't found one who likes it yet!! Can't say I like tsampa, I have trouble getting that down it's the same with the chewy cheese and some of the dried yak meat but I love the fresh yogurt.
I was really surprised last year when I visited a friend in Lhasa her 8 month baby was already eating tsampa and drinking butter tea, she seemed to prefer that to her bottle of tinned babies milk that once mixed with water turned a grey colour!!
I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago so feasted on thukpa and goats cheese and spinach momos in one of the Tibetan restaurants, there are at least a dozen of them in Paris!
Hope the new baby arrives soon.


Todd...always good to hear from you. Real butter tea does take some getting used to...especially if the butter is old!

No baby yet...any day though. If you are in Tibet next year, please let me know.


I love Tibetan Food. Tsampa, yak momos, vegetable momos, bobi (are they really Tibetan?), and thukpa, I could eat all day. I still have a problem with real butter tea, but don't mind a bowl or two. This is the time of year I normally travel, but could not this year. I should be there now. Perhaps next year.

As always Losang, thank you. I really enjoy your posts. Has the new baby arrived yet?

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