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March 30, 2009


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Jacob....Since 2008, there has been a police station at Drakar Tredzong. Though they are quite friendly, they will probably insist that you stay at a hotel in town as the hotels around the monastery are not allowed to house foreigners. Also, before going out to the monastery, you now need to register in town at the PSB office (police station). It is simple and only takes a few minutes to do. If you don't register, the police at the monastery will probably insist that you leave.

There is a nice new hotel in town. It is called the Xinghai Hotel. I have stayed there and was quite happy with it.

Happy travels....Losang


Hi there,

I went to Drakar Tredzong in 2006 and I loved it! At the time, I spent the night in a very very basic hotel (basically a cement box of a room with a sloping bed and no bathroom)...I'm hoping to travel there again in 2011 and am taking a small group of people who have never been to Tibet. Do you know if the lodging at Drakar Tredzong has improved at all? Is the hotel near the monastery that you talked about in your post suitable for a group of travelers, perhaps 10 people?

Thanks, and I love reading about your travels and looking at your photos. Keep up the good work.

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