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April 04, 2009


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I'm not going to say much about Tibet. There are books (and websites) with much better things than what I could write. Tibet, one of the extra-ordinary destinations where indeed adventure lurks around every corner. Its name the "Roof of the World" is not a mere statement. The valley bottoms of Tibet are higher than the highest mountains elsewhere. Adventure on the road is never short on the beautiful Trans Himalayan drive of over 970 km


But isn't it a bit weird so much control? I mean the only thing that stops me from going there (3 yeras in China and 12 in Taiwan) is the feeling that I can not move freely around Tibet. Therefore this summer I will probably go to the Silk rout or inner Mongolia or wherever, but going there to visit tourist-oriented places is not my dream (or to die in a 4 kind-of-permit-maze bureaucracy + tour guide on my back).


After several visits to Tibet - I completely agree with Losang about tips.
It is very importnant to give tips.

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Tibet is a grand looking place. Unfortunately with the recent troubles there it may make tourists a bit nervous. But eleven thousand tourists per day sounds pretty good.



After living and working full-time in Tibet for over 7 years I completely disagree with you. Not only do I disagree with you, but so does every major travel guide on Tibet. While I agree that tipping is not done at restaurants or similar service oriented businesses, it is done for guides and drivers on long journeys through Tibet. This is quite standard.


Giving tips is not common in Tibet. I don't think you (as a travel agent) should try to educate your customers to give tips.

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