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April 14, 2009


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Levinson Axelrod

Your adventures in Tibet are wonderful. Thanks for sharing this experience through your words and photos. Will be looking forward to more updates.

Traveler to Tibet

MT.Kailash is a good place for travel, I hope there will come a day that I can conquer it.



The blog seems to be interesting.

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Today(Jul 11th) i was in Lanzhou and tried to buy ticket to Langmusi.But they didnt sell it to me(also other Hongkong girl).
i tried again with Xiahe and Hezuo.but it's worthless.
so have to take a train to Xining and will try to take a bus to Xiahe or Gannan tmrw.

Athrun Cruz

These look very hospitable to me...

Account Deleted

We have had several foreigners visiting our AmdoCafe Langmusi, so this time it really looks like LangMusi (Tib. Taktsang Lhamo) is open.
We had 7 Europeans yesterday (June 2nd).

Diane Terry

i'm still planning on traveling from chengdu to derge via kangding, lhakhang, gansi, yilhun latso lake, and manigango in August. From what you know at this time, do you think we'll be able to do this, in re closures, etc?



Thank's for the very helpfull informationblog. It's quite hard to try to plan trips to tibet cause the situations chance so often and i get very different kinds of information depending if i get it from travel agency or some traveller who has been is tibet lately.

One of these friends who was in tibet lately told that its possible to go by trane from chengdu through xining and golmud to tibet. he also said its possible get somekind of permit (i don't know which, sorry!) from the railwaystation. that the permit includes to the trainticket. So... do you know are these informations correct, and what is the situation on those areas right now? he also did his trip without guides facing not any problems, but this is a big and maybe stupid risk to take.

at this time i'll start my trip from yunnan, so the easiest way to go to tibet would be through sichuan and then maybe to lasa or first to qinghai, but i guess these routes are now impossible...?

and! do i have to show that i have some ticket out from tibet when trying to get the permit?

thanks very much again:)!!!

Account Deleted

Update on Gannan Gansu. As of Sunday 26th of April Taktsang Lhamo (cn: Langmusi) is closed again. The checkpoint at the beginning of town has come back in place. We understand that the town was open for foreign tourists for a few days, but now closed again. The hotels are completely booked full for the May holliday, but with Chinese tourists. We also understand thet Hezuo and Labrang are still closed.

Tibet Travel

I am interested in the Mt. Kailash kora.


Hello there!

If I am flying from India to Chengdu and then through to Lhasa, do I need a Tibetan Travel Permit?

Can I get it in the airport in Chengdu? How long will it take?


Amdocraft...thank you for the great update from Taktsang Lhamo! If you hear any more news from Gannan and Huangnan Prefectures, please do post it here.


Account Deleted

I think I got good news. I got a phone call today from the manager of AmdoCafe Langmusi. She was told by local officials (incl.police) that foreigners are allowed to visit and stay in Langmusi again. Langmusi (Taktsang Lhamo in Tibetan) is in Southern Gansu, Gannan Prefecture at the border with Sichuan. However, I don't know whether this means that the whole of Gannan (incl Labrang) is completely open now.


I read this entire blog! I’m so jazzed up about traveling. I’m taking off for six months. I’m still in the planning stages. I wonder if anyone has suggestions about the very best places in the world that I could do in six months. I want to to Tibet and found a great site at www.tibetanwildyakadventures.com that gives a whole lot of information on traveling there and offers very reasonable private guide service, which could be good since I don’t speak a work of Chinese or Tibetan, but I’m also wanting to go to Russia and I don’t know if they speak English too or not. Anys suggestions will greatly appreciated!


Postpone the Kham+Amdo trip finally.
Will go around Jyekundo's horse racing festival instead.
Hope those areas will open again around that time.

anyway,thank you so much.


I contacted the Qinghai Tourism Bureau (QTB) today (April 7) and they reported that all Tibetan areas of Qinghai remain closed. They also said they will be holding a meeting within the next week to determine when the Tibetan areas in Qinghai will reopen. The QTB are the only ones who can officially open the Tibetan areas in Qinghai.

Account Deleted

Travel to Guoluo and Yushu (through HaiNan) seem to be possible for foreigners since yesterday. Someone that wanted to travel to HuangNan was told not to go. Will keep you posted when I hear more.


sorry.just want to know anything most up-to-date.
my Kham+amdo plan will start at April 10th.
If the Tibetan areas in Qinghai and Gansu are closed. I will cancel the tripl

thank you.


Seems to be a good news.
Thanks for your info.


thanks for the information. I thought that travelers to Tibet, especially women, might enjoy these films about the Women of Tibet - past and present: http://womenoftibet.org/ When I prepare for a trip I always like to learn something new about where I'm going.

Account Deleted

I went to out to Tibetan area in Qinghai (March 21st) and was stopped at the border of HuangNan Tibetan prefecture (Jianzha). Had to return. The security people told me that I could go again after April 1st.



Tibet is closed to foriegners, If so when it will open? anybody know?



Jason...technically, yes you have to have a guide with you even in Lhasa. Usually your guide will only be with you for a few hours each day while in Lhasa as to allow people the freedom to do what they want. Some travel agencies go around having to have a guide by making customers pay a deposit between Y1200 and Y1500. This deposit is basically to make sure you don't cause any problems while in Lhasa. According to the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) this practice is illegal though I do know of several travel agencies that do it.


In Lhasa, when you go shopping, vist a pub or just walking around the centre of Lhasa. You need to be accompanied by a official guide??



Thanks for your update,Losang.

I've got some info from my friend(She ask Tibetan journalist for me). He told about unrest, foreigner was killed.
Insist to go there around June or July instead.

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