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April 14, 2009


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Was in Maerkang and Danba area from Mar 5th-13th. Even with fluent Mandarin, look mostly local and a 6 mth visiting relative visa I was checked alot and mostly pretend to sleep during checkpoints and try to take the bun cars instead of local bus.Once near Danba the police came to find me at night but was ok. The police have been very polite and apologetic of disturbing me.The same day 2 cyclists were turned back.How is it now? I am needing to get back around 22nd to Danba area as I've arranged to paint there. Also, anyone local heading that way and want to share ride gas? I have some art supplies and me(small).



Diane...It is hard to say what the travel situation will be like in Dege in August. In my opinion, I think it will be okay, but it is far too early to know for sure.

Bill....yes, there are 3 KFC's in Xining.


Chen...Thanks for the update.


My name is Bill Brasky. I was wondering if the KFC in Xining was still open?

Diane Terry

I'm planning on traveling from chengdu to derge in august with a group. What's your thoughts on whether we'll have difficulty doing so.


Update on Tibetan areas in Sichan: all the Tibetan areas except Wolong, Hailuogou (Luding), Jiuzhaigou, Danba are closed to both Chinese and foreigners now.


Roann...I really don't think you will have any problems if you are an overseas Chinese person. Police will be on the looking out for foreigners and not Chinese people.


Klaas...Thanks for the update. We are getting mixed messages from the Qinghai Tourism Bureau. Some days they say that Rebkong and the rest of Huangnan/Malho is open while other days they report that it is closed. We had a Japanese tourist who was not allowed into Rebkong and had to return to Xining just last week by police. So until April we will not be arranging any tours to this area of Amdo.

Klaas, www.amdocraft.com

Update on my AmdoCraft trip. I went this week in Qinghai to Tongren, Zeku and Tongde. I was never stopped and did not see any roadblocks.

Roann L

What about buses to Maerkang area and if I am foreign chinese? I was in those parts 2 weeks ago and thinking of heading back. anyone taken that route lately and got turned back at police checkpoints?

Thanks, roann



The mountain at the top of the page is Langtang Ri which is very close to Shishapangma and Peiku Lake. Langtang Ri rises to 7205m.


Thanks for giving such accurate and updated information, I'm really sorry to hear that the TAR is closing up again. Today and tomorrow I'll be thinking of my friends and their families and hoping that they're OK. Keep up the good work I'll be lighting a candle for Losar.



nice to hear that,Losang.
anyway,still hope for Yushu and Labrang.



What's the name of the mountain on the top of this page?

Where is that mountain?

Thank You!


Klaas...Good to hear from you friend! I have heard of foreigners being able to travel through Huangnan Prefecture, specifically the Rebkong area, without any problems even though the Qinghai Tourism Bureau told us that it was a closed area. Please do let me know if you see any checkpoints along your travels.



Thanks for the update Losang. I am planning to travel to Tibetan Areas in Qinghai around 24-25th of Febr for our AmdoCraft Tibetan Handicraft business. Will let you know how it goes.


To be more complete, greater Tibet should also include india adminstered ladakh. of cuz the tibetan group in exile wouldnt dare to make the claim, for they are residing in India.

Philippine Travel Guide

This is an excellent article and information about Tibet. The photos are good quality.



ML...Places like Qinghai Lake and Kumbum Monastery remain open.


what about Lake Qinghai? thanks!


Laker31...Please let me know when you will be around. I probably will be out of the office August and September, but should be back by early October.


Thank you Losang, for the information. I am really hoping to be able to travel your way in October or so. Will contact you when I know for sure.


Sorry Rook...when things change, I will be sure to let you know.



almost the whole of my trip,Gansu+Jyekundo+Ganze.
postpone it again,my 3rd time.

thanks for update info.Losang

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