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June 01, 2009


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Harper Cosper

The route along the Nyenchen Dangla mountains looks lonely in the pictures. Were there towns or houses you could rest in along the way? It does look picturesque, and roads less taken have their own charms.

Norbu Tsering

Incredible photographs
wonder how lucky you are to have seen al these and far more which could not be photographed.

Buddha Pendant

Beautiful pictures! You have a very wonderful life.

Buddha Pendant

The last photo with a woman and horse reminds me a movie, Tuya's marriage.

Susmita Barua

Thank You so much Tashi for giving us a beautiful glimpse of Tibetan people, culture and landscape.

Wonder how the many monasteries run, how they are funded or connected to communities. Like to know how the four main traditions or hats differ in their beliefs or emphasis.

Also I heard women live a much harder life in Tibet and many die in childbirth.

Are there some dark side in the Tibetan culture, history and politics that may benefit from the light of awareness?

How can the outside world help and empower Tibetan men and especially women and nuns by meeting their real needs?


Wow, this site is remarkable. I have travelled and lived abroad but nothing compared to this. This is real, authentic living abroad. I feel like I'm learning something from this blog. Thank you so much.

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