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December 26, 2009


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People there must be very strong climbing the streets

Mike; going to Kham soon cannot give name

I went through Shekar in 1986 with a Tibetan guide. There were 2 elderly monks who told us they were the only survivors of the Chinese during the Cultural Revolution. The army forced the 200 monks to place explosives in the monastery and to blow up the buildings. Afterwards, they used machine guns to kill all monks except the 2 I met. They were told to tell other towns what happens if anyone resisted the army . The old monks were crying as they told us the story. There was one main building that was rebuilt and ceremonies were held there. I is a beautiful place, but it is good to know what the Chinese really did in Tibet.

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Great pictures. Congratulations to the author! Nicely done.

Pablo S

Wow... great post! i am also going to go to china after couple of months! it amazing i am very excited to go! but this post has increased my excitement!!


I've been there, the place is amazing and it feels very peaceful there.

I would like to get back there someday. Here's a picture I took of the town: http://foto.md/ro/uphoto/28406

And by the way, I spelled the name for the town: Xegar. But it's obviously the same town.


While you are there, also enquire about all the ruins, both visible and hidden, and how shelkar looked before the "reforms" in the 1950's.

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