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March 23, 2010


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Delsie Maidens

My, that seems like an adventurous place for driving. The roads look moderately rough, but the selling point is the scenery. I'm guessing that cars can be a rare sight there, and the environment almost feels as though no car had been there before.


Thanks for the link Travis.I have had several people ask me recently about driving in Tibet and how to get a Chinese drivers license.

Hopefully you and I can do a bit of traveling in Kham later this year!

Travis McCauley

Hi Losang, Thanks for all the great info. I just passed my license and hope to be on the road soon in a rented car.

I found a flashcard deck with all the 1300 questions one needs to study to pass the driving test. Here's the link.


Incidentally, it's a deck for the amazing flashcard program: Anki. Good for language study as well!!

Travis in Xining

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