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July 03, 2010


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Harper.....I don't know where you heard that! In the 10 years I have been living and traveling across Tibet I have NEVER come across a remote monastery that offered wife or had a widescreen TV.

Harper Cosper

Wow, I've been hearing a lot of stories about Tibetan monasteries being placed on the edge of a cliff, requiring you to hike on such a dangerous trail, only to find out that they actually offer you widescreen TVs and free wifi in a nearby hotel. If I go to Tibet, I'm gonna make sure that the visit will be as natural and authentic as possible.


Spectacular photos. I really liked the stories about the combination of old and new. Among the pilgrims who make pilgrimages to temples, pizzerias and coffee shops that serve hungry tourists and locals


Maria...That is amazing that you saw me in Taktsang Lhamo! I have been there 3 or 4 times this summer and I saw several foreigners so I can't be sure if I saw you or not. I hope you have the opportunity to go there again.

Have a good day!


Maria Carlos

Hello! I had the privilege of travelling in Tibet on a horticultural tour this summer. we were in Taktsang Lhamo on the same day you were! We had lunch somewhere, walked up the street and spent about an hour at Sertri Monastery. I have a pic of the stupa in front of the Monastery, as well as one of the Dong Zan Tibetan Culture restaurant. Am enjoying your blog, and love your photos. They almost take me back to that amazing place. Thanks for doing this!



I've sent you an email but it seems that you're too busy for response. We're planning to have a trip from Xining overland to Chengdu through Amdo this September. Please tell me where can I find a good independent Tibetan guide that is knowledgable about this area, we want to have some camping with the nomadics and trekking around Mt. Amnye Machen. Thanks a lot for your help.

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