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October 23, 2010


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Alex B

Hello Losang, I have a question regarding the monasteries. Do any of them offer retreats or anything similar that are 4+ months in length?

Marley Beaven

heya there!
Im heading flying to china on the first of october.. flying into the south! will be making a quick dash across and wanna enter into the Amdo region! Is it as simple as makin my way to Chengdu or Xining and catching a bus or train into the Amdo region? also.. from there is it an ok price and easy to fly or train it to napal? thank you very much! Marley Jene

Sally Realey

I love your photos and long to visit Tibet.


Julia....Many thanks for the compliments. If you come to Tibet, please let me know.



Dear Losang,
Wonderful photos and reports, I dedicated another Saturday morning reading your webside. It's just so enjoyable and I get the best ideas for my travels in September.
Thanks, Julia


Hi Losang,

Could you recommend some reliable agencies for travelling to Lhasa.
Thank you.


Ben....Thank you for the compliments!


Ben C

Losang... You are an amazing writer. Informative and interesting. Just spent an hour on your site. And still feel like there is so much more. Just thought I would tell you I was impressed. SOLID!

--Ben C.


Hi I would like to know travel agent for travelling to Lhasa. thank you


Neil....Hope you are doing well. Absolutely....I will look for a map to add to indicate all of these different areas. I am traveling in SE Asia right now, but will try and add a map as soon as I can.



Hi Losang, Great info as usual, I was wondering if you could add a map to your website showing all of these places? Although I know quite a few and have several maps and books on the area, I thought if you put a map on here it would help me and everyone else who reads it...



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