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May 08, 2011


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I did the Annapurna circuit and had a wonderful time. The circuit is a bit touristic, but still the nature is phenomenal and in the off season its really not crowded, in June the weather is still great. I did the tour with a great company which Id likes to write about here.


David, that is something that I recommend talking to your doctor about. I am always hesitant in giving medical advise regarding high altitude since I am not a doctor. I have plenty of high altitude experience, but you still need to talk to your doctor about this.


David Danz

I am considering a trek to EBC from Lhasa. The plan is to fly to Kathmandu, overnight there..fly to Lhasa, and then trek to EBC. Including acclimization days, it will take 10 days to get to EBC. Does this sound like a reasonable time schedule? Equally important....I am a man in my mid 50's and have always been in reasonably good health. However, I recently had a "mini-stroke", which can be a warning sign for a major stroke. Does the altitude put me at a greater risk of a stroke? Should I be seriously reconsidering my goal of trekking to EBC?

Himalayan Planet Adventures

That is absolutely right that Nepal part is more safer as we have more acclimatize day before reaching at EBC. Kathmandu to Tibet is directly leading to EBC where is not enough to acclimatize and there is no quick service for rescue too. At least, Nepal part we can evacuate our clients by helicopter. So, In my opinion Tibet part is more riskier than Nepal part. See the different of itinerary on given link: http://www.everestbasecamp.travel//tours+in+tibet/kathmandu+to+everest+base+camp+to+lhasa+overland+tour-130/ (Tibet part) and http://www.everestbasecamp.travel/tibet/nepal+trekking+holiday/everest+base+camp+trek-1/ Nepal part.

Obviously, there is enough time to acclimatize in Nepal part and not in Tibet part. Only different in Nepal and Tibet part is walking or driving.



The itineraries listed on travel agency websites are just suggestions. When traveling to Tibet, you are free to make your own customized itinerary that allows you to stay at places like Everest for longer.


Very sad situation but it brought home the necessity of being cautious. I'm a budget traveler hoping visit Tibet/Mount Everest in August(my fingers are crossed). I'd noticed some itineraries didn't allowed much time.


Very sad situation but it brought home the necessity of being cautious. I'm a budget traveler hoping visit Tibet/Mount Everest in August(my fingers are crossed). I'd noticed some itineraries didn't allowed much time. Some gave only half a day to acclimate in Lhasa, and then moved quickly from place to place. I'd been in the mountains in Cusco, Peru and thought, well how serious can it be? Hmmm, wake up call! Now I get it. It could be deadly. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm taking a second look.
Great pics!


Your photos are amazing. I got chills in my spine looking at them. Thank you for sharing.


Vistet, as always, thanks for your input. Thanks also for the useful link. Take care....Losang


Thanks Losang! Doing okay. I hope you and your family are well.


Sad and shocking. And horribly predictable ,
itineraries like this are posted all the time on travel forums, and few have the integrity afterwards to describe when it goes wrong.

Armies in the Himalayas don´t travel nearly as fast as this , and neither did the workers during the construction of the railway to Lhasa - who slept lower than EBC. The military goal is to keep whole group in working condition every day - which should make sense for every civilian group as well.

Hopefully it will be a long while before it´s being said again that safety rules ( http://ismmed.org/np_altitude_tutorial.htm#prevention ) doesn´t apply in this situation. The price for that was too high.


Laker31....Nice to hear from you again. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for the comment! You are right! Too many companies arrange quick tours to EBC just to make a bit of money with no regard to the dangers it puts their customers in.


I couldn't agree more, and this is something they don't tell you when they are trying to sell you a tour in Kathmandu. They try to sell you on this option mainly because there are usually empty tour vehicles in Zhangmu, having just dropped off tourists at the border,and they do not make any money if they have to send them back to Lhasa empty. Sometimes you have to bargain hard and stand your ground with the tour agencies, but you can get what you want.

Even if you don't suffer from the full effects of AMS, you are going to have a rough few days as your body tries to acclimate. During that time, it is hard to enjoy what should be the trip of a lifetime.

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