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June 12, 2011


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If I take the bus from Chengdu to Litang via Kangding and then continue to ShangriLa via a stop in Yading, what additional time do I have to take into account because auf the roadworks? Thanks.


What about the Festival in Li Tang? is it on and open to Foreigners?


Thanks for the info. Any idea when the areas in Sichuan could possibly open again? Looking to travel in Western Sichuan late July to mid-August.


Also.....there are many backroads to take to get around the closed counties of Ganzi, Dege and Shiqu. You can easily reach Sertar taking the good road from Dzamtang (Rangtang) from the east or from a good road from Baima (Banma) from the north. Public buses do not take these routes, but you should be able to find other vehicles that you can share a ride with. To Pelyul (Baiyu) there is a decent road that heads west from Nyarong (Xinlong). There is no easy way to reach Yushu by not going through Ganzi and Shiqu counties, so that is a big pain. The only other way is to go north from Sertar into Golok prefecture and work your way through Darlay (Dari) county to Huashixia on the Xining-Yushu Highway and then go south from there. It is very possible, but will take a bit more time.


Xiaohouzi....I am just getting ready to write an update to this post about Tibet closures. Litang is open and there are many foreigners going in and out of there without any problems. The only counties in the Kham regions outside of the TAR that are closed are Ganzi, Dege and Shiqu (basically all of NW Ganzi prefecture). The other 15 counties of Ganzi as well as all 6 counties of Yushu and the 3 counties of Dechen remain open. It is not possible to travel by bus from Ganzi prefecture to Yushu prefecture. Bus stations are not selling tickets to foreigners for buses going to the closed counties.


yes, you are right Kham is not all closed, but if you can t go to Ganzi or Litang, you can t go to Dege, Baiyu, Shiqu, Serthar.... So for us foreigners, we can only go to Yushu from Xining, Deqen, and Kangding and his nearby counties.


Xiaohouzi....There are reports that the counties of Litang, Xinlong and Ganzi are closed. However, the other 15 counties of Ganzi/Garze prefecture, all 6 counties of Yush prefecture and all 3 counties of Diqing/Dechen prefecture remain open. So Kham as a whole (besides the closures of Kham within the TAR), remains open.


It is such a shame that Tibet has been closed to foreign travellers, I have to say that I travelled here myself a couple of years a go and the culture and history surrounding the place was amazing and so were the people.


Kham is NOT open, foreigners can only go to Kangding, Danba, Tagong. Ganzi is closed these days.


Ethnic Chinese Hong Kong passport holders should be able to go to Tibet, but foreign residents of HK cannot go.


Hi, thanks for the update. May I know is the permit also close for visitors from Hong Kong ?


Choofie....Since Tibet is closed by the government, which is not your fault, i would demand a full refund of the deposit. This closure is not your fault so you should not lose any money.



what's a fair amount of my deposit I should be prepared to loose when asking for a refund?


Renu, as stated above, the Amdo and Kham regions, including Kangding, remain open.



Thanks a lot for this information. Is Kangding closed as well? I was thinking of visiting Kangding this weekend - but I am not too sure after reading this.

Fantastic site - the July closure means I won't be visiting Tibet this time, but your site has been bookmarked for future use ;-)

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