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September 10, 2011


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Erin Wall Photography

Great tips here, i love the very low angle shots very dynamic results.

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I "like" you on Facebook. Great post!


I'm so glad I landed on your site. What wonderful info. I'm a travel writer and I write about & photograph off-the-beaten path places ... I'm most recently posting about travels in Tibet. These are often places where I volunteer as well. I think travel is about sparking change by first connecting, then, if possible, lending a helping hand ... this theme crops up a lot in my blog http://goodjourneys.wordpress.com


Thank you Losang! Very informative. It's quite steep for a couple but sounds more reasonable for a group of four or six.


Marek, on average, expect vehicle and guide prices to be between $125 and $155/day in the TAR (longer trips to more remote regions such as Kailash or Kham will be more). This cost is NOT per person, but can be divided by up to 4 people if you travel by Toyota Land Cruiser or by up to 6 people if you travel by van.

In most of Kham (western Sichuan), expect vehicle prices to be between $135 and $150/day and guide prices to be between $30 and $40/day. These prices can be divided by up to 4 people.

In most of Amdo (Qinghai, southwest Gansu), vehicle prices are usually charged per kilometer. Current prices for Land Cruisers in Amdo range between 4.5 RMB/km to 5 RMB/km. Guide prices range between $30 and $40/day. These prices can be divided by up to 4 people.

Lhasa is EXTREMELY full of tourists during the high season so it is highly recommended to book hotels in advance. I recommend getting a copy of Lonely Planet's Tibet guidebook and going through the hotel section and telling the agency which hotel you want to stay at. Often times, the agency you use can get the hotel you want for a lower price than you would be able to get it for.

For places outside of Lhasa, you will have no problem arranging a hotel once you arrive in town.


Alexandra....I always recommend going to Tibet from China. It is much easier to arrange, you don't have to go on a "Group Visa" and normally the cost is less.

You can design your own itinerary (look at #43 in this post) when you go to Tibet. There is no need to take a pre-arranged tour unless you don't want to do any planning. Otherwise, customize your own itinerary and go to the places you want to go to such as Everest Base Camp.



Hi Losang! Thanks a lot for this treasure trove of information! One more question - could you indicate an average cost of a tour in Tibet per day (vehicle + guide, without including very remote or faraway places)? Is it legal to arrange accomodation by yourself - simply to look for a hotel or guesthouse on arrival?


Thanks very much for loads of information! I am planning to visit Tibet in the nearest future, and am very interested in every bit of information.

I have one question - in your opinion, is it better to take Tibet tour from Nepal or from China (in terms of the route itself, cost etc)?
Also, if you go from Nepal, are there any tours that take you there by car so you can see Everest?

Thanks in advance,


Lionel....You are very welcome!



Losang thanks so much for this incredible advice. It makes such a difference to people wanting to travel to Tibet - and I am sure there are very few other people who can give such detailed information! Thank you for taking the time to write this!

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