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December 27, 2011


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Sebastian Pihlava

To be honest i never been in that place,as an traveler for 2 years of my life there are several country i like most one of them is Finland country it is really awesome there not only the place but also on being comfortable on their hotels however it make me feel interesting in this place love it.

Sandesh Ghimire

I would like to introduce myself as Sandesh Ghimire from Kathmandu, Nepal. I'm working on my first novel in which there is a character who is from Tibet. However, I'm amazed at the lack of resources. Kindly please provide me with some information if you can. Meanwhile, I would like you to know that my novel won't be radical.
I would be grateful if you did anything to help me.

Healthy Options

I love all the photos.

Where is Singapore

I wish i can fly to tibet. To experience an extra ordinary adventure.

Visit Britain

Great photographs.


I really enjoy reading your blogs.


Dude, miss you a lot and upset due to your final post. You shared with us a lot of thought before five years. This post also touches my minds. Very good allocation. Thanks mate.

Mark Daniel

I'm so lucky due to get chance to visit your final post. In this post every picture makes me amazed. Good capture. Thanks mate.


Tibet for me is the place which every person should visit at least once in her life.

Miina Waratani

Relieved to hear that your current website will be accessible for another 3 years. I started reading your postings last year and haven't had time to read much so far. Will read them all in the next year or so.


Peter, I will continue to keep this site for at least the next 3 years. I will just not be adding any new content.

Thanks for the advice!



In addition to the new site you should keep this site too as it is if it`s not too expensive!



Does this mean this website will be closed? I prefer it as it is, so shall I save all the posts I`m intereted in?

I have a bad experience that any changes to websites makes them only worse than before despite the best intentions.

Please reassure that I can read all the posts and see all the photos on the new website otherwise I have to start a massive saving effort.



Awesome, looking forward to the new site.

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