> Lhasa Pictures

Front of the Barkhor
Chanting Nuns
Pilgrim in Lhasa
Early morning incense
Jokhang Temple
Around the Barkhor
Corner of the Jokhang
Jokhang Temple
Lhasa Ladies
Pilgrim in front of Jokhang Temple
Potala Palace at night
Ganden Monastery
Tibetan man with prayer wheel
Walking around Jokhang
Prostration in front of the Potala
Beggar Girls
Frozen pond at the Norbulinka
Former summer home of the 14th Dalai Lama
Incense burner
Jokhang Temple Roof
Jokhang Temple Roof
Overlooking Barkhor Square
Worshippers in front of Jokhang Temple
Top of the Potala
Monks on the roof
View of the Barkhor
Prayer wheels on the way to Nechung
Drepung Monastery
Drepung Monastery
Jokhang Temple
Potala Palace
New Shoes
Blind Beggar
Spinning Prayer Wheels
Beggar Boy
Tibetan Woman
Prayer flags for sale
Little Pilgrim
Incense Smoke